Last week the company I work for threw an “Employee Appreciation” event.  I don’t usually go to those things.  It’s not that I don’t like them.  I just tend to have other stuff going on and can’t make it.  This year I decided to make an appearance. 

The party had a carnival theme, and the first thing every associate had to do when they entered, was pick a little yellow duck out of a small wading pool.  Some of the ducks had numbers on the bottom which corresponded to door prizes on a nearby table.  In addition to those prizes, there were a few “grand prizes”:  A big TV, a Play Station III, and a Kindle Fire. 

I didn’t expect to win anything, but here is what was on the bottom of my duck…

I had no idea what a Kindle Fire even was, so when I got home I asked Hubby if we should give it to someone for Christmas?  He said I should wait and see if I liked it.  He was right.  I have been playing around with it a lot.  It is so much fun!!!  It’s like a junior version of the iPad.  I haven’t used it to read any books yet.  I have used it a lot for searching the web, and Little Guy uses it to read children’s books, to “play the piano” and a few other child friendly activities.

So, in case you are wondering… I won’t be giving it away for Christmas, and in future years I’ll definitely be going to those appreciation parties.

It feels good to be appreciated.

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  1. My goodness..that Kindle Fire was an extravagant present. Glad you won it, and KEPT it! :) Your husband knew best.

    You've spent so much time on your boys (all of them)...it was time for you to get a treat as well.



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