Holiday Recap 2010

I can’t believe Christmas 2010 is behind us! It came and went in a whirlwind of snowstorms and family celebrations. We were luckier than many this year because we were able to stick with our travel plans. We visited my folks on Christmas eve (they live a couple hours south) and then drove a few hours north to visit Hubby’s family on Christmas Day. We had uneventful drives and are very thankful for getting to and fro safely.

We were showered with love and gifts and enjoyed the precious fellowship of family. We ate yummy food till we thought we might burst, and took time to relax and enjoy ourselves. Other than a few toddler meltdowns (we haven’t yet mastered why we should take turns opening presents) all went well.

As I reviewed the stacks of fun and thoughtful gifts I received this year from family, I was reminded of just how much they care, and how well they know the real me.

Some of my favorite 2010 Christmas gifts…a tee shirt with Little Guy’s picture on the front, an old-time silhouette of Little Guy in a lovely oval frame, an antique sewing box, a huge collection of quilting magazines and books, Superman memorabilia, gift cards to my favorite craft stores, an audio CD of the newest Tom Clancy novel, playful socks for every major holiday, and the most lovely necklace (from Hubby) that has Little Guy’s name inscribed on it. **sigh**

The gift I’m a bit intimidated by is a Bible, of all things. Not just any Bible, this one is a King James version that is split into daily readings so that by years’ end…I will have (hopefully) read the whole thing! My Mom, Dad and Brother and doing it too. It should be an interesting adventure for us as we journey through God’s Word together. Though I have been in church my whole life, graduated from a Baptist high school, and have memorized many verses over the years – I’ve never tackled reading the whole Bible before. I feel challenged, and also excited. I think it will help that I’ll have daily reminders from my family to keep on top of the current readings.

This weekend the weather is supposed to be nasty-cold, so it will be a perfect time for us to stay inside where its warm and cozy. We’ll tackle taking down the Tree and all the decorations – storing them away until next year. That’s always a bittersweet endeavor for me. I love the holiday décor, but on the other hand – I’m always glad to have my house back to normal too. I think Little Guy will be the most disappointed. He’s grown quite attached to the tree lights.

So, how was your Christmas?

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas time and that others were very creative in their gift giving to you. You're blessed.




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