Christmas Card Wreath (52 Week Challenge - week 12?)

A while back I joined the challenge put forth by the Thrify Mrs. She and a friend concocted a goal of making 52 things in 52 weeks. The guidelines were pretty open. You just need to make things you enjoy, and which aren’t part of your usual repertoire.

Every year I save the Christmas cards we receive from friends and family.  Every year I say that someday I'm going to do something with them...this year I finally followed through with that task.

I decided to use some of my favorites to make a little holiday wreath.  I have not done this before, but it seemed like it might be a fun (and frugal) Christmas craft. 

I cut a large ring out of a cardboard box (making two tiny holes toward the "top" so that I could fashion a hanger with fishing line).  I then picked my favorite old Christmas cards and cut circles from the images on them.  For the circles, I used a couple plastic lids (different sizes) to trace around.  Then I cut out the circles and glued them to the cardboard circle.  Super simple, but I think the end result was cute.

gathering supplies

choosing the pictures to cut out

got lucky that one of our old cards had a big bow on the front

finished product

When Little Guy saw the glue...he felt he needed to do something crafty too.  I cut out pictures for him and he glued them to his paper.  What a sweetheart!

Challenge Summary: Week Twelve?

Ever done this before? Nope
Do I love it? It was pretty fun to make.
Material Cost: $0.00
Time Spent: maybe 30 minutes
Success - Yes or No? yes



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