A Child's Joy at Christmas

Christmas 1976:  My cousins, Grandma H and me posing
for a little holiday photo.  That's me on the far right, staring
into the tree (dreamily, I'm sure).  
 Every year, the calendar tells me I’m a year older, but when Christmas rolls around I turn into a giggly little girl again. My heart still flutters with the anticipation of Christmas morning…of holiday dinners.... of presents to open….of special church services and precious time with family.

When I recall holidays of my childhood, I am reminded of trees decorated with home-made ornaments, of snowstorms and sled rides, of family gatherings and Christmas carols. As the 25th approaches, I find myself tempted to cut snowflakes from notebook paper and make red and green paper chains. I want to eat frosted sugar cookies shaped like stars and go shopping for that perfect gift. I want to hug every member of my family and wish them a Happy New Year.

It’s a magical season full of wonder and surprise. Now that I’m a parent, I find that all of this Christmas excitement has magnified even more (not that I ever would have believed it possible). Watching my toddler’s gleeful expression every time we turn on the tree lights brings me joy. Seeing him eye the presents under the tree with curiosity and eagerness makes me wish for Christmas morning. Helping him shape sugar cookies with his chubby little fingers makes me melt inside. Sharing with him the Christmas Story and holiday traditions we hold dear, brings to mind loved ones who we miss dearly.

This weekend will be filled with a flurry of activity (and weather permitting) time spent with family in two different parts of the state. We will eat and play and open presents. We will share time with one another and cherish the memories we make.

As you embrace the beauty and wonder of this time of year, I hope that you too can experience the Christmas joy of a child.


  1. Well said - its a time when we can all become a child again. xxxx

  2. It looks to me like you were eyeing up those presents! Have a wonderful Christmas. x

  3. Hiya! You have made me giddy now! I hope you enjoy every second of it, and I am sure with that boy of yours you will have an amazing time





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