Caramel Cake

I never had Caramel Cake until today, but ever since I read "The Help" I've wanted to try it.  In that book, one of the main characters "Minny" is said to make the best Caramel Cake anywhere.  It kept coming up throughout the story, and every time I read about it - my mouth began to water.

It was not something I'd tried, but I was sure I'd be a fan.  After all, I love caramel and I love cake.  But after I finished the book, I kind of forgot about my interest in this seemingly yummy confection.

So today when we were watching America's Test Kitchen, and they featured Caramel Cake - my interest was instantly renewed.  Hubby offered to bake it for me, and I said you betcha!  He baked the two cakes, and then I whipped up the frosting and iced them.

This cake is good.  We're far from being professionals, and this was our first attempt.  Doesn't matter.  This cake is REALLY good.  The cake itself is a fairly basic yellow cake, and it's a buttery, moist yum-fest.  Honestly though, the cake is nothing more than a delivery vehicle for the frosting.  Oh dear.  That frosting could maybe bring about world peace.  It's just so GOOD.  Ridiculously sweet, buttery and richer than Bill Gates... this is a cake to love.

So of course that's what we're doing.  I highly recommend giving the recipe a try. 

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