Winter Slow-Down (and some news)

Earlier this week, my Dad told me that something was evidently wrong with his computer as he had not been able to read my recent posts on this blog. There was then an expectant pause as he waited for me to realize that he was taking me on a little guilt trip for not posting more often in this fine new year.

Point taken, Dad. This one (such as it is) is for you!

January has been a great month so far, and we have much to be thankful for. We are all healthy (hurrah!). The weather hasn’t been unbearable (thank God it’s been much milder than last winter – knock on wood). I’ve been keeping busy (an afghan and twin size quilt both in progress). I’ve also been catching up on reading books for fun, which I had sadly neglected for some time. And because it is my nature to hunker under warm blankets and shy away from the chill of this season… I’ve been spending my evenings (after Little Guy is tucked in) hanging out in the main floor of our home reading, crafting and watching tv instead of shivering in the basement where our family computer resides. So the effort usually put toward my blog has been redirected of late. Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten you all. I’ve just been taking a little “Me” break, I guess. Never fear! I’ll be getting my very own laptop in the next couple of months. I promise to be back full strength when that happens!

I didn’t make any resolutions this year. I thought about making some, and then made a conscious effort to avoid that particular tradition. The thing is…everything is going so well. As some smart person once said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I do have much to look forward to in 2011. Our fourth(!) wedding anniversary, Little Guy’s Third birthday, a vacation to see my Sweet Grandma in Kentucky, and a brand new baby to add to our happy little family this summer (yes, we’re expecting #2, and I might add we’re ecstatic about it)!

So far, I’ve felt okay. I was nauseous for most of the first trimester, which was no fun (and much, much different than my first pregnancy where I never felt sick once). Now that I’ve discovered spices of any kind are the culprit, things have settled down. Though not super exciting, I don’t mind eating plain-Jane food if it keeps away the constant feeling of “ugh”.

That laptop is still weeks away, so between now and then I’ll brave the cold to make a point to get more posting done. The basement may be chilly, but we do have a space heater and lots of blankets. I’m sure it will be fine (assuming I can pry myself off of the cozy sofa – I’ll try my best).

I hope you are also enjoying your January, staying warm and keeping busy. A belated (but very sincere) happy New Year to you!


  1. Congratulations!!!! A new baby!! thats lovely. Its lovely that you haave taken some time out for yourself - we all should do that a lot more . You are my inspiration and I shall do more of it. Lots of love to you all. xxxx

  2. What absolutely wonderful news; I am so pleased for you both. Congratulations!
    Is that your home looking oh-so pretty in the snow?
    Like you, I haven't been posting/commenting much, blog-wise. Just felt a bit unsociable I think! Still, shortest day over, so here comes summer!!!! Mind you, I'll be happy with spring!
    Have, what sounds already, a wonderful year!
    Hugs, Zoe xx

  3. Congrats again! I also like to "hunker down" during January - my idea of a good night is "dinner at 6pm while wearing PJ's!"

    I am also trying to read more and I love your thoughts on "not resoluting" - what a great idea!

  4. Congratulations, what lovely news! I'm sorry you're not feeling very well though. When pressed by my family to make a New Year's resolution, I said that I was going to eat more chocolate; may as well make it something I can achieve!

  5. wow, congratulations christy!! that's so exciting!

    yes, there's nothing i like better than snuggling under a thick heavy blanket. right now, i'm sitting at the computer wrapped in a plush robe. :)

    btw, re: children's books... i'm always a sucker for 'the dark is rising' series. i've re-read it almost every year since i was 11!



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