Egg-citing Fun!!

Little Guy goes to a small in-home daycare/pre-school. Usually the class has between 6 and 8 children but right now (because two families have recently moved away) there are only three. Since the class is so small right now, I decided that I'd be willing to try something different to take to their Easter party which was today (the Wednesday following Easter).

I found this clever idea in a recent issue of Disney's Family Fun magazine. The kids have been learning phonics and some sight words. They've been practicing 'word families' like the "AN" family includes the words fan, can, man, tan etc. I thought this project would be something that would go along nicely with what they are learning at school. Also she had asked that if we brought anything - it needed to be healthy. This final product included nothing edible, so no chance of unhealthy food! :)

Here's the Process...

I went to Wal Mart the day after Easter and picked up these cartons of candy eggs
and break apart plastic eggs.  I took out the candy, and raided my
colorful cardstock and scrapbook letter stickers...

Following the directions in a recent issue of Disney's Family Fun magazine
(If you have little ones, I think you might like this magazine) I went to work

Each carton held eight eggs.  Each egg had several single letter stickers on one side
of the "break" and on the other side a series of two or three letters that when
matched with the single letters formed a word.  The child can then twist the eggs for
word-building fun!

I made little signs for the top (again following the design in the magazine) and then we were done!
My Little Guy thought these were awesome, and his pre-school teacher loved them too since they weren't
filled with candy!! 

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