Half Over

Today begins the sixth week of my blissful maternity leave - which means I'm just about half way to the end.  Though I enjoy my job, and will be happy to go back... I'll also really REALLY miss staying home and snuggling my Tiny Man.

I've been lax with my posts.  Sorry about that.  My day to day life has been full of small but wonderful tasks... feeding the baby, diapering the baby, snuggling him and less fun (but still important) things like cleaning and napping.

Here are a few photos of our newest addition.  He makes our little family complete.


  1. Oh how gorgeous is he! Glad to hear everything's right with your world!

  2. Glad you're all OK. Tiny Man is such a cutie...I'm sure in that 3rd picture he's thinking " What's all this blogging lark, Mum?"
    I did send you an email, don't think you could've got it; but could you let me have an address that would get to you, (I appreciate you may not want to pass on your home address), as we have a little something for TM.
    Z xx



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